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a silly comic im gonna turn into a mini when i open up a store one day soon 

silly water colour warm up
(new sally for advice comics)
received via email from Anonymous:dear sally…ummm so im really wondering like i really think im fat and sometimes i try to like throw up if i think ive ate to much but then i just get scared to do it last time i tried really hard to get it out but i only threw up a little but i have such an urge to do it sometimes and i don’t know what this could mean? i dont know if im just being stupid ive tried going on diets and im just such a fat lard i cant do it and it makes me feel worse so do you think this is early stages of an eating disorder? or am i just looking for attention? i just want to be skinny like all the other girls in my dance classes there so perfect and im so fat there all graceful and im just not… really not looking for answer like oh you should just watch what you eat i hate when people say that ): i cant do it
A a little zine house i ‘installed’ on the street for people to anonymously take art and leave art, i’ve just got my own comics in there for now but i’m hoping it’ll fill up with juicy stuff soon
a guy that i’m gonna print up all pretty when some funding comes through 
Anonymous asked: Sally, I’m a guy who wants to make a girl I know feel good about herself without looking like I’m coming on to her. What would you suggest?
woohoo newest sally banks advice comic!
Anonymous asked: Sally and mr ray sometimes i set standards too high for the people i love, get disappointed when they don’t meet those standards and i can drift away/neglect them. i’m setting these standards because of a fear of intimacy, maybe because i’m narcissistic, or maybe the standards are reasonable and they genuinely don’t meet them. i can take this apart cognitively but i’m worried about repeating patterns, what should i do?
my new house has no internet, this sally was from a bunch of weeks ago 
happy holidays 

Anonymous asked: I have a friend that I believe to be a sex addict. I don't regularly see her, but I've heard things about her that don't seem likely. It's like she is being described as a completely different person. I don't know whether it'd be a good idea to confront her, but I can't ignore this. I want to help, but I don't know how. What should I do?


Guest Columnist Tuna Panini.