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here’s the zine that’s twins with the poster only better and bluer. you can buy it here if you want. i bought some zipotone to play with for this one so i could be more like Oliver Schrauwen (dreamboat)

a collaboration with hera lindsay bird (she did the writing) comic posters aren’t very tumblr friendly i know, i have a zine of this coming out tomorrow. 

The Casuals Network Press

the ppl publishing one of my books is trying to raise some money to print it. xooxoxoxoxooxoxox (only if ya want) (odvs) <3

a page from the book i&#8217;m (so, so slowly) working on at the moment. it&#8217;s meant to go to print in a month-ish but that&#8217;s looking kinda unlikely-ish right now 
hey i&#8217;m part of collaborative poster series for national poetry day. the words are by this amazing poet called Hera lindsay bird (omgsuchafan) i&#8217;ll post the rest of it when i&#8217;m allowed to. 
Hey! a new print for sale, i only made a couple of these so thats a thing. its a two colour A3 riso print &#8220;very sexy&#8221; perfect for your wall or floor 

the first few pages of a 40ish page book I’m drawing atm, to be printed in october maybe

back pages for the F.O.R zine
hey a bunch of new stuff in my store and more to come, the first 5 orders get some free goodies xox
the front cover for a new book i&#8217;m releasing tomorrow-ish 

received via email from Anonymous:

I am troubled by the amount of man-hate I have been subjected to lately. I do believe we need feminism in our society, but I feel that lately our idealistic values for equality are being stretched thin and articles that are making there way around the internet are misrepresenting males unfairly. I’ve actually noticed a trending divide between all genders growing in hate and dissonance. I feel there is so much misog-wash being spat around that all dudes are being labeled as being (born) bad, whether they’ve done something to suggest a loathing-towards-females-tendency or otherwise. As a mother of two sons, I am particularly concerned for the welfare and mental health of our boys as they grow ever more aware of the predetermined standards society sets them and I worry, will they be given the opportunity to grow into good men, despite all this? My question: What’s with all the man hate? and, am I alone here? in feeling like the feminist movement’s misplaced it’s compass over the past decade? Please, set me straight.