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Hey! a new print for sale, i only made a couple of these so thats a thing. its a two colour A3 riso print “very sexy” perfect for your wall or floor 

the first few pages of a 40ish page book I’m drawing atm, to be printed in october maybe

back pages for the F.O.R zine
hey a bunch of new stuff in my store and more to come, the first 5 orders get some free goodies xox
the front cover for a new book i’m releasing tomorrow-ish 

received via email from Anonymous:

I am troubled by the amount of man-hate I have been subjected to lately. I do believe we need feminism in our society, but I feel that lately our idealistic values for equality are being stretched thin and articles that are making there way around the internet are misrepresenting males unfairly. I’ve actually noticed a trending divide between all genders growing in hate and dissonance. I feel there is so much misog-wash being spat around that all dudes are being labeled as being (born) bad, whether they’ve done something to suggest a loathing-towards-females-tendency or otherwise. As a mother of two sons, I am particularly concerned for the welfare and mental health of our boys as they grow ever more aware of the predetermined standards society sets them and I worry, will they be given the opportunity to grow into good men, despite all this? My question: What’s with all the man hate? and, am I alone here? in feeling like the feminist movement’s misplaced it’s compass over the past decade? Please, set me straight.

a bunch of craft talismans i made and sold with books at the sydney zine fair. they’re all gone now but ill make more for my store soon. also that was my favourite hat and i lost it when i was in sydney 

one of the images from a ‘visual story telling’ thing i did for the melbourne emerging writers festival with andrew connor. im gonna make em all into a book i reckon
new sally
Anonymous said: Sally, being someone who is naturally argumentative I try to surround myself with people I broadly agree with when it comes to big political issues. While it’s mostly harmonious I worry that it’s unhealthy to be living in a bubble where I don’t have to justify why I feel and think what I do so much. Am I missing out a vital part of human experience, to try and find common ground and sympathise with those who I vehemently disagree with morally? Or should I continue to avoid them out of principle?
the poster i got commissioned to do for the state library zine week thing. https://www.facebook.com/events/317749111710946/